13 March 2009

Shannon Sky

Hi! My name is Shannon Sky and I'm so excited to have you checking out my site! I was born in Ohio an only child with big dreams of acting and modeling someday. These recurring thoughts wouldn't leave me no matter how much I ignored them. Voted "most wild and crazy" and "class clown" in high school..that pretty much sums up my personality...i luv to have a good time and be the life of the party! I'm a total people person and I luv meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life!

I also luv to workout and eat healthy (unless it's cheat day ...in which case, you may find me eating pizza....mmmmmmmmmmmm and chocolate covered strawberries...yummy..;p) Fitness is a huge part of my life! I luv how it makes my body look and feel and how i feel inside when I do it. I get so much personal gratification out of it! I just luv it!!!

I am a full time model and I absolutely luv being in front of the camera...I spent many years following other people's dreams and visions and pushing mine to the side..allowing others to dictate who I would become while trying to fit me in their molds. Well there is no mold for someone like me because I am a "one of a kind" and I am not like other girls.

There is no stereotype of someone like me. Just when you think you've figured me out..I will unleash one more surprise on you..;) Which keeps things fresh and exciting..I'm here to intrigue and to fascinate..not to blend in with the scenary..I'm not good at that. One morning I woke up and said.."Enough is Enough!" From that point on, I've never looked back ..I began pursuing my dreams and I'm luving life more then ever!

I am very excited to have you as a member of my site and I can't wait to share my pics with you! For me, my pics are a form of my artistic expression and a celebration of both fitness and beauty. I am not ashamed of my sexuality nor my sensuality and I look forward to sharing all of this with you...enjoy!

Shannon Sky
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